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For a divorce packet for self-represented litigants, click HERE  

I do not recommend “do it yourself divorce.”  I have seen too many people make serious mistakes.  Divorce is a case in which “penny wise” can be pound foolish indeed.  Legal decisions are too serious, with consequences that can last a lifetime or even more in the case of children, because if you have children the effect of divorce continues for generations.   Further, the process of obtaining a “simple” divorce is not really that simple.  One could compare it to doing a quadratic formula in math.  If you are already in Algebra II and have studied it, it’s relatively simple.  If  you’re not, it takes some practice to get it right.  Even an uncontested divorce is similar.  You can figure it out, but it’s not completely simple.  If you truly cannot afford an attorney for even a simple divorce, I offer document review services on an hourly basis.

A Wall Street Journal article from June 6, 2008, about mediation and collaborative divorce:  Separate Peace

An article about mediation for couples already married who don’t want divorce, but who can benefit from mediation.  Couples may choose to create mediated agreements about anything, ranging from property ownership to who picks the laundry up off the floor:  Postnuptial Agreements.  Enforcement is in discretion of the court, so basis for agreement and evidence of its voluntariness should be included in documents drafted.

A YouTube video explaining the benefits of  Divorce Mediation

S.C. Department of Social Services Child Support Calculator

Lexington County Family Court Docket Calendar

Richland County Family Court Docket Calendar

For more parenting resources for divorcing couples, see another page on this blog, HERE.

No one who is divorced and has either children or property should enter into a second marriage without at least considering a prenuptial agreement.

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