Why Choose Just Mediation, LLC?

Why choose Just Mediation, LLC, to mediate your conflict?  The most important reason to choose this mediation firm is because of our personal mediation skill and our commitment to integrity of mediation processes and results, and because of our undivided emphasis on peaceful resolution of conflict outside of court.   This is a mediation firm, not a law firm that practices mediation as a side business.  The skill set to be a great mediator is not the same skill set to be a great litigating attorney.    Thus, no mediator for Just Mediation will boast about their litigation experience or their prowess in court in the context of showing that as a reason to hire them as a mediator.   Being a retired judge or a dynamic courtroom litigator are great credentials, and we admire those credentials.  But litigation or judicial experience are not necessarilty correllated with a person’s ability as a mediator.

In our view, what makes a great mediator is the ability to listen, to be trusted, to facilitate conversation and negotiation, and to bring people to authentic, voluntary agreement.  What makes a great mediator is when people gain better understanding of their conflict and the deepest most fundamental interests driving the conflict, and then find resolutions that address those needs and thus solve the conflict at its root.  What makes a great mediator is when people walk away from mediation feeling they have had an experience that was positive, healing, and aimed toward resolution, even if they didn’t sign an agreement that day.  What makes a mediator great is when people know they have tried their best with a resourceful, trusted, and creative mediator, and left no  creative stone unturned in finding a path to agreement.

The mediators of Just Mediation all believe passionately in mediation and strive to practice the principles of nonviolence in our personal and professional lives.  This is not to say that we shirk away from conflict.  Indeed, some conflict should be litigated.  But all options will be examined before sending a person into litigation.   No stone will be left unturned to help parties resolve conflict voluntarily, using the many resources available.   We use these skills to offer classes in negotiation, as well.

Just Mediation, LLC, is a full service conflict consultancy.  Services include simple mediation, multi-party and complex mediation, meeting facilitation, training.   Mediation style varies according to needs and preferences of the parties.  Transformative, evaluative, facilitative, narrative, and NVC mediation styles are used according to the circumstances and needs of the parties.  Specialists are available to provide expertise in any kind of dispute.

Your goals are discussed in advance of the mediation and a process will be individually tailored to meet your needs.  The initial consultation is designed as a time to clarify your goals.  Our proposal will be based on your needs.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment by calling 803-414-0185 or by filling out the contact form. 

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