Services Offered

Services Offered:


Alexandria Skinner, J.D., is not a general practice attorney.   Although she is not a “specialist” as that term is defined by the S.C. Supreme Court, her law practice is limited to three specific areas.   Click on the links below to learn more:


Mediation services offered by Just Mediation, LLC, are tailored according to the needs of the parties.  Generally, parties in this practice have chosen mediation as their first resort rather than as their last resort!  At an initial consultation, your case will be evaluated to see if mediation seems appropriate.   We find that many people have only been exposed to the idea of mediation as a facilitated settlement conference between two parties who are already in a lawsuit. Certainly, mediation of a lawsuit offers many advantages (and sometimes disadvantages), compared to the alternative of having the case decided by a judge after a court hearing.   No matter what brings you to mediation, the emphasis is on using an appropriate process to help you address your conflict in a way that is helpful to the parties.

The skill set and training of the mediators of Just Mediation, LLC, goes far beyond the level of training and experience required to settle a lawsuit.  As professional mediators, we offer holistic, integrative approaches to help parties navigate their path through complex conflict which is often characterized by deeply personal decisions, significant financial and other interests, long term relationships, multi-layered fact issues, multiple parties or entire organizations, and (frequently) inclusion of subject matter experts in the mediation process.

For those who cannot travel to Columbia, South Carolina, to  meet in person, we offer mediation services by way of teleconferencing and videoconferencing.  Using this technology, services are available worldwide.

Experience and credentials of the mediator are particularly important for the complex, multi-disciplinary, multi-party mediations, and transformative style which are the hallmarks of this mediation practice.  Click on the links below to learn more:

For more information, please call 803-414-0185, fill out the contact form below, and of course feel free to browse the many resources and links on this web site!


In cases where having a positive outcome is important, and especially in meetings where there is a potential for conflict,  facilitation of your group meeting by a skilled, balanced meeting facilitator can be a wise investment.


Leadership development workshops are help governing boards of churches and small businesses learn skills to help them work better together, hold more productive meetings, develop healthier systems for dealing with disagreement, and agree on focus and vision for the future of their organization.



 Disclaimer:  The purpose of this web page is to give information.  This is not a solicitation to provide legal services.  Nothing on this web site is to be construed as creating an attorney client relationship.  Legal matters involve serious issues, and legal decisions have have long term consequences.  Just as you would not try to learn how to perform surgery on yourself from reading on the internet, you should not try to learn how to practice law from reading on the internet either.  Please use these resources to become a better consumer by learning as much as you can about mediation and conflict resolution. 

Alexandria Skinner or Just Mediation, LLC never creates an attorney client or mediator client relationship without entering into a written agreement defining the relationship. Nothing on this web site should be construed as advice for your particular situation. Additionally, if you have been served with papers in a lawsuit, you MUST respond.   Please: consult an attorney of your choice for actual advice or representation about the legal matters that concern you.

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