Why Consider Mediation?

Mediation is the use of a trained, neutral professional to assist parties in arriving at a satisfactory agreement.   One size does not fit all,  however.  A divorce mediation is different in style and content from a mediation to help a church congregation involved in a split.

The mediators in this practice have trained in multiple forms and styles of mediation, with some of the premier mediators in the USA.   Skinner maintains professional membership in the Association for Conflict Resolution and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators.   Depending on the situation and the needs of the parties, tools in the skill set of this mediation practice include narrative, transformative, evaluative, and facilitative approaches to mediation, as well as collaborative practice which incorporates the wisdom of neutral experts into the process.   Subject matter expertise of our mediators includes mediation for divorce and parenting issues, elder mediation, mediation for church congregations, mediation for school special education IEP meetings, community mediation, and facilitation of any type of meeting.

If you are considering mediation for a challenging meeting or decision of any type, please make contact using the form below:



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