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Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are options for people who want to avoid courtroom battle, but who at the same time don’t want to cut corners on thoroughness or fairness. 

Mediated divorce, in general, costs significantly less than the cost of a litigated divorce.  How much?  Rumor is  that it’s somewhere in the range of 10 – 20% the cost of litigation.   Collaborative divorce costs roughly half the cost of litigation.  But while this cannot be guaranteed in any given case,  the primary goal of mediation isn’t to save money.  

By helping you avoid a court battle, a mediated or collaborative divorce increases the chance that your future relationship will be less antagonistic.  This really benefits your children, because lower levels of conflict make future parenting relationships much more manageable.

The goal is a better quality process, in which all important issues are addressed, and a better quality result.   Indeed, because the process keeps you in charge and uses interest-based negotiation rather than positions and posturing, each party is more likely to get what they each really need.

“Since adversarial divorce is generally demonstrated to cost more than mediated divorce (Pearson, 1993; Kelly, 1990), and as our study shows, to take longer and to lead to more frequent post-judgment modification, divorce mediation is an option worthy of serious consideration by most divorce clients.”

(Marcus, et al,  “To Mediate or Not to Mediate: Financial Outcomes in Mediated Versus Adversarial Divorces,” Conflict Resolution Quarterly,  Vol. 17, Issue 2 (1999), as reported by Center for Divorce Mediation)

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At an initial consultation, you will learn more about the many options for divorce, the process for getting a divorce, and how to get the ball rolling.  Mediation and collaborative divorce is not right for everyone.  If it’s not right for you, you will still leave the initial consultation with a clearer picture of what is right for you and what your next steps are.

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