Food Stamps for the Elderly and Disabled

In South Carolina, elderly and disabled persons who live on income at or below approximately 130% of the federal poverty level are entitled to receive food stamps.

(The federal poverty guidelines are published HERE .)   By my calculations, at the present time this would be approximately $1,179 per month for a household with just one person.   For a household with two people, the guideline would be roughly $1,593 per month.  With documentation, medical expenses can be deducted from the income of a person over 60 years of age.

There are limitations.  For example, a person can only have a limited amount of assets, all members of the household sharing food must be elderly, the recipient may not have any earned income, and the recipient will not be allowed to double dip by receiving benefits from other DSS food assistance programs.

If you think you or an elderly or disabled friend may qualify, contact DSS for an application, or look at the DSS web page, HERE .

The forms needed for the application are:

S.C. Department of Social Services form 3800 (application for food stamps):   HERE

South Carolina Department of Social Services form 16176 (simplified form for elderly):  HERE

If you want to receive credit for out of pocket medical expenses, provide proof of those expenses.

After the form is complete, fax it to (803) 898-7141 or mail it to:

ESAP SC DSS, P.O. Box 1520, Columbia, SC  29202-1520



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