Legal Representation In Elder Cases

Alexandria Skinner does provide legal advice and representation in elder issues (including drafting of wills, trusts, and powers of attorney), in contested guardianship cases, and in probate matters.   These services are provided with the goal of helping clients achieve peace of mind and aiming for the best possible quality of life.   Her fees for legal representation are the same as for mediation, and are outlined HERE.

Mediation and legal representation are completely different functions and cannot be performed by the same person in the same case.  However, hiring Skinner as an attorney does not stop you from mediating a conflict.  If hired as an attorney, Skinner can give legal advice and can assist you as your advocate during any later mediation.

About Alex Skinner

Attorney and mediator focused on elder law and family challenges. Licensed as an attorney in South Carolina, USA. Mediation services worldwide via videoconferencing.
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