Does the word “conflict” make you want to cringe?  Are you afraid that if your church has conflict, it might be torn apart?   Unfortunately, this can happen.  The good news is, it doesn’t have to.

What makes the difference, you might ask, between a church that has smooth sailing through conflict or one that flounders in the choppy seas?  Well, a couple of things.  Of course it matters what type of conflict the church is experiencing.  Conflict over the color of the paint in the parlor does not rise to the same level as conflict related to serious doctrinal issues!  But another key factor is how that conflict is handled.   Conflict can be healthy, or it can be toxic, all depending on how we respond to it.  Do we respond as a team to address problems, or do we respond by fighting against each other?    The mediators of Just Mediation, LLC, are all dedicated Christian Peacemakers who will help your church tackle tough issues without injuring the people in the process.  We have a track record of assisting congregations in ways that are experienced as helpful, healing, and restore a feeling of wholesomeness.

Help from us begins with a phone call.   After we speak with you on the phone, we will develop an initial assessment and proposed course of action that is tailored to your needs and your budget.  Whether it’s through telephone consultation only, through leadership training, or through complex mediation involving the entire church body, we are confident that we can help in some way.

Our approach is firmly grounded in Christian principles of Conflict Transformation.   We combine (1) total commitment to Christian peacemaking theory and practice with (2) training in leading principles and practices in conflict transformation, (4) extensive practical experience as mediators and trainers in conflict transformation, and (5) specific training in mediation of congregation-wide disputes from the internationally recognized Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.  We also provide training for church leaders in healthy organizational leadership.

Take heart from this quote from John Paul Lederach, from The Little Book of Conflict Transformation:

Conflict … creates life:   through conflict we respond, innovate, and change.  Conflict can be understood as the motor of change, that which keeps relationships and social structures honest, alive, and dynamically responsive to human needs, aspirations, and growth.

Conflict means there is movement and growth and life.   To meet with us in person, by telephone, or by way of Skype, fill out the contact form below:


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