Mediation: The Future of Divorce?

According to Forrest Mosten, a Los Angeles mediator, family law specialist and the author of numerous books on mediation and collaborative divorce (click HERE for list), mediation is a new alternative to divorce litigation. “As people become disenchanted with our court systems, and as we become aware of the significant impact that a family breakup has on children, more people are turning to mediation.”

Mediation isn’t marriage counseling.  Although feelings about the marriage and the decision to divorce may be relevant and may be discussed during mediation, the goal of mediation is to reach an agreement — a separation or divorce agreement — that will help you, your ex, and your children (if any) adjust to the divorce and agree on how to resolve future issues together.

From “Finding Common Ground” by Diana Shepherd, published in Divorce Magazine and reprinted HERE.

For more information and resources about divorce mediation, see links on this website, HERE


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