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Would You Like to Learn More About Mediated Divorce or Collaborative Divorce?

Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are options for people who want to avoid courtroom battle, but who at the same time don’t want to cut corners on thoroughness or fairness. 

Mediated divorce, in general, costs significantly less than the cost of a litigated divorce.  How much?  Rumor is  that it’s somewhere in the range of 10 – 20% the cost of litigation.   Collaborative divorce costs roughly half the cost of litigation.  But while this cannot be guaranteed in any given case,  the primary goal of mediation isn’t to save money.  

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Need A Divorce but Cannot Afford an Attorney?

(Laws and resources for divorce vary from state to state.  This post is not intended as legal advice, and the resources listed here are specific to residents of South Carolina.  However, some general principles may apply. )



While paying a professional to help with your divorce is one first step, there’s more to the cost of divorce than just paying a lawyer.  


A.  Fairness is Important!

First of all, be forewarned.  Divorce is not free or cheap.  What’s worse, pennies saved now may cost pounds later.   The terms of your divorce may determine the future course of the rest of your lives.  For instance, if you fail to negotiate a fair property settlement, that may impact your ability to retire some day.  If both parents fail to protect their children from the repercussions of divorce, the dynamics of  your family may be impacted not only for your generation, but for future generations.  It’s important to get it right.  When you are strapped for cash, however, this can be a real challenge.   In this article, I hope to give struggling folks some ideas that will help keep pennies in the family pocket, but help you aim toward a fair result.   Read More

The Price For A Divorce

The first thing I’d advise someone seeking a divorce is to consider, “how you will pay for it?”  In addition to calculating how to run two households on a budget that has previously been used to run one household, another question relevant to the immediate question of divorce is, “How will you pay the attorney’s fees for the divorce?” Reducing the initial outlay of cost is one significant reason to choose mediation in your divorce case. Read More

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